iHEALTHe 14 Day Sustain Plan:


The ability of the iHEALTHe 31 Day Reset Plan to produce long term weight loss success is what really sets it apart from other programs. This is accomplished through the 14 Day Sustain Plan. The Sustain Phase is CRUCIAL for keeping the weight off, and thus should be followed with the same discipline and diligence as the Releasing Phase. The goal in the 14 Day Sustain Phase is to lock in the results of the 31 Day Reset and allow your body to adjust to your new basic metabolic rate; the rate at which your metabolism burns calories on a daily basis. To do this, we must increase your calories in a strategic way to match your daily caloric needs, while having your weight stabilize within 2 pounds of the weight you started this phase at. 


Many fear that after 31 days of the iHEALTHe Reset, the introduction of more food will cause you to gain the weight back. This is not the case if done properly. As the body adapts to the increased food intake, it will stabilize within a couple of pounds of the weight achieved at the end of the Releasing Phase. This is done through the Sustain Plan.  Many clients actually lose weight during the Sustain Phase as well, although this is not the norm or intention of this phase. 


Once your weight has stabilized with the 14 Day Sustain Phase, you may do another round of the 14 Day iHEALTHe Reset if desired until your ideal body composition is achieved.

iHEALTHe 14 Day Sustain Plan