We Are Made of Pure Energy...

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Thoughts by Angelo Vilardo, Head Wellness Coach

iHEALTHe Institute

How do we take a thought and make it a reality? We create it in our head, and we take physical action to make it so. If this is how our energy of thought manifests our physical reality, what are you creating?

We attract to ourselves the experiences that mirror what we are vibrating with this energy. It shapes who we are, second by second of our existence as we vibrate what we think, feel, and believe.

So, if what you send out is what you get back, it makes sense that the frequency of your energy determines the reality you will experience; thus, making your reality a product of your vibration. It then goes without saying that you would want your frequency and vibration to always be at its peak.

What happens when we allow our energy to be knocked down and smothered by poor nutrition and toxins that are all around us? I believe that most people simply chalk it up as the body just naturally aging. I theorize that this is not the case. Full energy is once again attainable by addressing the two factors above – poor nutrition and toxins. How do we do this?

The Reset Your Health Program by the iHEALTHe Institute addresses poor nutrition so that the body can reverse, repair, and rejuvenate by using the systems our body already has built into it. Our program is devised to give the human body access to resetting all the internal markers that boost your vibration through its innovative approach to internal wellness.

AlkaVie Solutions addresses the toxification challenge that we have. A company set on removing external environmental toxins by replacing a major source of toxicity – cleaning products. Toxic products in your home or business are replaced by an ultra-green approach that does not sacrifice performance in the least. In fact, it outperforms even the most toxic of products!

Never settle for less than your highest vibration because it is the quality, clarity, and strength of that ENERGY that shapes and creates your reality!


P.S. This is what the iHEALTHe Institute’s Reset Your Health Program is about. It is not about keeping you in the dark nor about having you guess what your next step should be. Why spend hundreds of hours researching what you think you should do? The guided iHEALTHe the 31 Day Reset sets you on the most direct path to your goal of health and wellness while helping you shed unwanted pounds.

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